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The Central Power String Solution (CPSS) is a system solution combining the advantages of centralised and decentralised plant configurations.

The string collector transports the direct current from the solar modules to the respective string inverter via a DC line. All string inverters are mounted on a rack (optional) with a protective cover in a central position in the solar park. AC wiring is only required from there to the adjacent container with transformer, switch-gear and low-voltage distribution. Alternative the Inverter can be mounted directly under the solar modules near the CPSS container.

The CPSS is shipped in five standard sizes for PV systems with 0.6 MVA, 0.8 MVA, 1.0 MVA, 2.0 MVA and 2.5 MVA.

The turnkey system consists of:




blueplanet Mini-Argus 50.0 DC combiner

  • String fuse plus / minus pole
  • For DC voltages up to 1100 V
  • Surge protection device type I + II, DC switch
  • IP65 housing for outdoor use










blueplanet 50.0 TL3-M-INT inverter

  • High power density and flexible design
  • IP65 aluminium housing for outdoor use
  • Up to 40% inverter oversizing possible
  • Late power derating from +50 °C
  • Pre-installed DC and AC surge protection sockets
  • Larger cable cross-sections possible for copper and aluminium cables








Inverter rack (optional)

  • Turnkey installation system for up to 25 inverters
  • Sun roof
  • Flexible size, scalable in 4-grid system
  • Powder coating, particularly weather-resistant








Medium-voltage container

  • Optional grid and system protection
  • Fast and reliable connection to the medium-voltage grid without the use of AC collectors
  • Equipped with low voltage main distribution, transformer (Oil/CRT) and medium-voltage switchgear unit
  • Steel housing with thermal insulation and surface coating
  • Optional approval for transport by sea
  • Only 20 feet container for 2.0 to 2.5 MVA

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