Powador web public

Yield display for a quick overview of your system's performance ability.

Powador web public
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Powador web public


Your data logger records all system data and emails it to the Powador-web servers. Both the yield data and your contribution towards protecting the environment are displayed in the web-based customer portal
Powador-web Public. The central database can be used to compare the yield of your plant with that of others in the region. By precisely acquiring, processing and analysing data, Powador-web Public calculates a performance rating which then uses the medal system to provide an evaluation of your plant.


  • Clear, accessible view of both yield and environmental information
  • Performance evaluation for fast yield monitoring
  • Easy registration – start your monitoring immediately
  • Public access – no login required
  • Can be integrated into public websites and social networks
  • Direct communication between Powador TL3 inverters and the portal – no data logger required
  • Upgrade possible on Powador-web Profi


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