blueplanet gridsave 250 TL3

Clean energy for stable grids.

The blueplanet gridsave 250 TL3 is a Power Conversion System (PCS) for storage applications from 250 kilowatts up into the megawatt range. Public utilities, distribution system operators, EPCs and large businesses alike will profit from its grid management capabilities in order to balance generation and load of power networks.

blueplanet gridsave 250 TL3
  • Certificats
  • Fiche technique
blueplanet gridsave 250 TL3
blueplanet gridsave 250 TL3


Energy saver

As a bidirectional battery inverter the blueplanet gridsave 250 TL3 is deployed between battery storage and power grid. The PCS saves energy from the grid during nighttime or excessive energy from solar inverters into batteries. By supplying the stored energy in times of high energy demand during the day, it regulates energy peaks. 

Charging and discharging batteries the blueplanet gridsave 250 TL3 also provides grid support by compensating reactive power or supplying additional active power. It is compatible with lithium ion battery technologies. 

Scalable system

The power grid in question can be the national grid, a grid-tied power supply of a small town or industrial facility, or even a self-sustaining island grid: The size of the storage system is scalable according to requirements. 

The battery inverter can handle various energy sources and react to charging loads in real time. It can therefore be customized for use in PV diesel hybrid systems, for example. 

Easy handling

The blueplanet gridsave 250 TL3 communicates via Modbus. This widespread interface allows for a large number of available controllers (PMS) to manage the energy storage system. It can therefore easily meet individual requirements in the design of a storage system. 



  • Peak shaving and peak shifting
  • Reactive power control
  • Static and dynamic grid support


  • Lithium-Ion battery system
  • Solar and wind energy storage
  • On- and off-grid operation
  • Customizable for use in PV diesel hybrid systems
  • AC-coupled, scalable


  • Easy user interface
  • Modbus RTU (RS485) TCP/IP, CAN, Ethernet
  • Connection to external transformer

Commercial storage

Here you can watch the product presentation of the decentralised 50 kVA battery inverter blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S as a video at Intersolar Europe 2018